Field Surgery Kit (no ontology)

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A Field Surgery Kit is a large bag containing the supplies necessary to carry out healing of damaged and disabled limbs. Although very expensive, the price is more than justified, as it can perform Strong limb healing, and contains in a compact package a large selection of useful extra medical supplies.

FSKs are designed to carry the extra items listed below (and specifically those items), up to the quantities listed. New FSKs are sold with these items inside of the FSK. They are as immediately accessible as the strong limb healing supplies, and they can be refilled. These items have no impact on the FSK's weight.


The FSK is THE combat medic's most important tool and perhaps one of the most important medical aids a Contestant should get a hold of. It is capable of healing both damaged and disabled limbs, can instantly heal 3 HP and start the limb healing effect over time, and carries a collection of other important medical aids for treating other injuries. Any well-prepared Contestant should have at least one at their disposition.

Being a medical aid with a unique shape, it does not require identification.

It is a very large item, as such it weighs 2 units per object instead of 0.1 unit.

Extra items contained


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