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A hiring bureau is an important type of facility in MazeWorld. It is the Mazes' job-finding and assigning agency. A very important type of business, it is where most Maze denizens go if they wish to find jobs and contracts, for temporary or, more rarely, permanent employment. For the Contestant, the hiring bureau is primarily useful for finding Quests.

Rules of a hiring bureau

  • Serves as a job-finding agency - see below for details
  • Accepts credit.
  • Accepts valuables and will exchange them for money or credit.

When threatened, a hirer will use his/her personal weapon, a Smith & Wesson Model 29, on the contestant and will not hesitate to use deadly force if attacked.
Threatening or attacking a hirer can give the contestant a code orange, and killing one can increase it to a code red.

If a hirer dies, they will drop the following:

The job-finding agency

The hiring bureau is the primary source of Quests for the Contestant, where they may earn money, equipment, and reputation. The more jobs completed, the more difficult the next ones become, and in turn, the more they pay off.

Aside from the Contestant, hiring bureaus are frequently used by MazeWorld denizens of all kinds and walks of life. For some, it is even their primary source of revenue. Jobs found there are extremely varied and depend largely on the demand from employers; something as simple as an escort to go through dangerous rooms, to odd jobs such as bouncer, bodyguard, deliveries, item finding, and such. Some may even find full employment with specific people using the system as a medium.

The hiring bureau's system defines two categories of people: First, Employers, who post jobs and request services, indicate the payment they will promise if the job is done, and write off conditions. Those who reply to employers are called Contractors. Hirers assign contractors to jobs, depending on their reputation and the requests of both employers and contractors, essentially acting as a very important middleman. There is no restriction on which species can be employers or contractors, so long as both parties are satisfied.

In order to be registered as either employer or contractor, one must first sign up. Signing up is quick, easy, and free - it only involves giving the hirer the full name, species, age, and desired role (employer or contractor), although a phone number and an address are highly encouraged, particularly for potential employers. Contestants cannot become employers; they can only become contractors, due to a special rule set in place by the Administrator.

Hirers receive a daily pay of 250 P$/day. There is always one hiring bureau in every town, as their function is considered to be one of the most basic and crucial services in a town, vital to the proper function.

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