Nitrous oxide inhaler (no ontology)

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A nitrous oxide inhaler (sometimes shortened as "NOS inhalers") is a device resembling a ventolin inhaler, similar to those used to treat asthma, but contains in fact nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide is an euphoriant, which is known for being used as an anaesthesiant in medical use. This substance is the infamous "laughing gas"; it bears this nickname due to its anaetshetic, slightly analgesic and euphoriant effects which may induce derealization (loss of grasp on reality), depersonalization (loss of self-awareness, feeling of being in a dream). This substance is one of the earliest discovered (1772) and one of the oldest substances used as both a medical and a recreational drug.

Being a medical aid with a unique shape, it does not require identification.


Nitrous oxide

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