PCP (no ontology)

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Phencyclidine, commonly abbreviated as PCP, is a dissociative drug. Used in the past as an anaesthetic, PCP also displays hallucinogenic and neurotoxic properties.

It is known for being used recreationally, hitting a peak in the United States in the 1970s. However,t he drug had low use rates, and use of PCP started declining in the 1980s. It comes in many forms, from powders to crystals, to liquid forms dissolver in water or ether.

Largely known for its hallucinatory effects, PCP is also known to induce paranoia, depersonalization, and violent mood shifts. Users of PCP are known to become wildly unpredictable and extremely violent.

Being white powder, it is recommended the drug is kept until the contestant finds a way to identify the pill before consumption.



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