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A shrine maiden (also known as a miko) is a human considered to be Angelic. They are devoted to preaching and practicing Angelic faith, at the service of Heaven, Ltd. and the Cardinal Gods. They take care of shrines and protect their altars. Shrine maidens, as per religious tradition, are always female.

Because shrine maidens are considered to be Angelic creatures, they are not paid any salary and are not considered to be Maze Personnel but rather subordinates of the Angelic faction. They rely on donations to survive.


AC Perk HEAD group BODY group LIMBS group EXTR. group Weak points
Human None 1 head Upper body, Lower body 2 arms, 2 legs 2 hands, 2 feet, teeth 2 eyes(F), genitals
Skeleton type CBT? CUW? LAW?
Human Yes Yes* Yes

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Other data

  • Is neutral.
  • Is considered Angelic, despite being human.
  • Can use weapons.
  • Always female (♀): Shrine maidens can only be females.
  • Loyal: They are attached to their job. Contestants will have a hard time convincing them to join him/her.
  • Backup call ability: As the shrine maiden is considered to be an Angelic creature, she can summon Angelic backup; this is called Divine-gating. See below.

Backup calls

Should a shrine maiden need the help of fellow Angelic creatures, she can perform Divine-gating, the Angelic form of gating. Gating will spawn creatures on the next turn, at the cost of a very long cooldown period.

  • Backup summoned: 1d3+1 random Angelic creatures, except other shrine maidens
  • ETA: 1 turn
  • Cooldown period: 50 turns


  • Clothing and armor:
    • Headgear: None
    • Top: Kimono
    • Body armor: None
    • Arms addon: None
    • Bottom: Hakama
    • Legs addon: None
    • Footwear: Geta


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