Steroids (no ontology)

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The name "steroids" in Mazeworld refers to the pill containing anabolic steroids. It is an anabolic and androgenic drug, destined to increasing muscle mass, cell growth, and masculine characteristics on the body. It is considered a performance enhancer as the increased muscle mass it provides subsequently increases physical strength and power. It has known adverse effects; mostly dependant on dosage. The most well-known of those effects is colloquially known as roid rage (a pun on road rage), generally a withdrawal symptom which significantly increases aggressiveness, causing psychiatric trouble such as mania and psychosis, as well as violent mood disorders.

In the Mazes, steroids are considered to be a potent combat drug, particularly for melee fighters.

Being a blue pill, it is recommended the drug is kept until the contestant finds a way to identify the pill before consumption.



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