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MazeWorld player characters are referred to as Contestant, which may also be referred to (your) character(s).

Physical traits

The Contestant may be a human, a halfling, or a youkai, either male or female, and may have any one appearance possible for those species. The wiki uses "his/her" instead of "they", in order to reinforce the fact that this character is supposed to be unique and singular.

Upon his/her arrival in the Mazes, the Contestant begins with no magical, innate, or acquired powers and abilities he/she might have had or enjoyed during their past lives. The only special abilities available from the start are natural ones, those granted by their species' natural physical traits.

Statistics and abilities

Please refer yourself to statistics and abilities for more information.

Purposes and origin of the term

When first introduced to the world, the Contestant is informed by the Administrator that he/she has died, but his/her soul has been collected and inserted into an identical body, with any and all supernatural or superhuman features and powers he/she had in their previous life removed as needed. The Contestant is informed that his/her objective is to roam through the Mazes to find the Cardinal Amulets, which are divine artifacts capable of sending the Contestant back to the world they came from, provided he/she can survive the Mazes' dangers and challenges. In other words, the Contestant is told that he/she can earn a sort of "second chance" at life in whatever world they previously died in.

In appearance, if the Contestant simply sticks to the objective of collecting the Amulets and returning home, it would seem that this is his/her entire purpose in the Mazes, and the most reasonable assumption for the term "Contestant" is that he/she is essentially playing a very deadly game where the prize is a second life in their homeworld, and the risk being permanent death.

In reality, the Administrator has conceived the idea of a Contestant to seek out skilled beings from other worlds to potentially become Admins on their own. Hebizuka Jinkou, currently the sole Administrator of the Mazes, has chosen to pick from the souls of people with great potential who had recently died for a good reason; there is in her opinion, "nothing more exceptional than a chance to avoid death, and nothing more symbolic than the promise of returning from what seemed like certain death". With these factors in mind, Hebizuka wanted the Contestant to have a reason to fight for his/her life in the Mazes and overcome any and all challenges, as deadly and as numerous as they may be; a sort of unwavering driving force.

Naturally, the Admin has also predicted that the Contestant might get accustomed to the life in the Mazes, and may even prefer it to his/her previous life. If it were to be the case, then the real plan can be set in motion: to pit the Contestant against one last few challenges and choices to test his/her worthiness for the role. If the Contestant were to overcome these challenges, then he or she can then be elevated to the status of Administrator on Hebizuka's side.

Again, in an effort to predict all possible situations, in case the Contestant wants to be an Administrator without Hebizuka around - essentially, to replace her rather than join her, Hebizuka has also planned a few things, just to show she isn't going to give up her position easily...

Known Contestants

Every Contestant was assigned an ID number to distinguish between every iteration of every player character more easily, by giving each of them a unique identifier.

  • From the beginning of the game and until version 3, Contestant ID numbers officially started at number 346.
  • From version OP2 onwards, the numbering system was reset; even Contestants that existed before will be assigned a new number.
    • For OP2 and OP3, all Contestant ID numbers were prefixed with a "B" and will start with "B01" onwards.
    • For the Transitional Period, all Contestant ID numbers were prefixed with a "C", starting at "C01" onwards.
  • Since version 4, Contestant ID numbers will be reset again, this time simply starting from 001 onwards. The username of the player owning the Contestant is also listed next to the Contestant name, between parentheses. Contestants also no longer have their own wiki page, so as to reduce wiki clutter.

Previous versions

Version 4

  • 001: Jessica Definta (Definta) KIA
  • 002: Morrigan Edelman (Groovy Smoothy)
  • 003: Tiffany (Apologue)
  • 004: Yumiko "Hibana" Imagawa (Darkenend)
  • 005: Suzume (Sunhorse9) Canned
  • 006: Jude Mustaine (Voltaire Jordans) Canned
  • 007: Tabitha Matsuyama (C27) KIA
  • 008: Parra (UrbanWitch)
  • 009: Edward Teach (Link)
  • 010: Damian Pigeon (SirPigeon)
  • 011: Prismatic Iris (antoligy)
  • 012: Mable "Maple" Barrett (Hyps)
  • 013: Reina Miyako-Knight (Twib)
  • 014: Marko Kapor (Catwithawatermelon)
  • 015: Sean "Seanie" McGee (Seanie)
  • 016: Marian Meeks (Marian)
  • 017: Nagisa Ashigaru (JadedPencil) KIA
  • 018: Shizo "Zo" Chou (Degenerate)
  • 019: Selisona (Selisona) Canned
  • 020: Moxie Conrad (Breezy)
  • 021: Mint Leaf (Mint Leaf)
  • 022: Kohaku Hayabusa (C27)
  • 023: Alastor Fulminate (Zero)
  • 024: Kiva Beowulfe (Rocketgal)
  • 025: Adam Hiruman (Auro)
  • 026: Vitaliy Klimov (Asriel / Азриэль)
  • 027: Thadeus James Calamity (Cosmic Jester)
  • 028: Pinkamena Dianne Pie (NDDina)
  • 029: Tamako Han (Tama-chan)
  • 030: Aria Angelus (NS7271)
  • 031: Elaine F. Attwood (JadedPencil)
  • 032: Ithiri (Zeal)

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