Medical aid (no ontology)

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There are many ways to be hurt in Mazeworld, but for every threat and danger, there is medical aid available.

Medical aid is a catch-all term for all things considered medication or drugs in the game. They are often items who give a positive effect in exchange of a negative one, but there are completely benefic ones like there are completely dangerous ones. They come in either a recognizable, immediately identified form (such as the cigarette), or in a generic tablet form which has to be identified first before knowing what it is.

Virtually, there is some kind of medical aid to prevent every kind of ailment that can harm or hinder the player, at the exception of broken limbs (which the medic can cure), and severed limbs (which the medic cannot cure).

Using 1 medical item takes 1 turn - keep it in mind if the Contestant must do so during combat, or while bleeding.

Beware, many meds are addictive substances. Check the Addictions article for more information.

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