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Outside of weapons, clothes and other such items, sometimes the Contestant will find some treasures or gems of some kind. Those items are valuables.
The primary utility of those items is to serve as a source of income in the game, as they can be sold in most shops of the Mazes.

"Valuable" is a catch-all term - there are some items that aren't all that valuable, but are considered as such since they are still worth some money. Like meds, they come in a form that is either immediately identified, or in a less easy to recognize shape, where they will require to be identified properly to know what they are.

All valuables require appraisal in order to know their true value. Valuables can be appraised by a jewelry store, or by seeking out an archaeologist or even a scientist.

Contestants may sell valuables at any shop of the game, but should they attempt to sell unidentified valuables, they will be treated as if they were worthless glass, the lowest-value items among the valuables.


Money bags

  • Small bag of cash : Contains 1d120 random coins
  • Bag of cash : Contains 1d201+49 random coins
  • Large bag of cash : Contains two bundles of money, each containing 1d401+99 random coins
  • Satchel of cash : Contains four bundles of money, each containing 1d401+99 random coins



Material Gram weight Inventory weight Value
Copper 500g 1 unit 125-250 P$ (1d126+124)
Copper 1000g 2 units 250-500 P$ (1d251+249)
Silver 250g 0.5 units 175-350 P$ (1d176+174)
Silver 500g 1 unit 375-750 P$ (1d376+374)
Silver 1000g 2 units 750-1500 P$ (1d751+749)
Gold 250g 0.5 units 500-2000 P$ (1d1501+499)
Gold 500g 1 unit 1000-4000 P$ (1d3001+999)
Gold 1000g 2 units 2000-8000 P$ (1d6001+1999)
Platinum 250g 0.5 units 1500-6000 P$ (1d4501+1499)
Platinum 500g 1 unit 3000-12000 P$ (1d9001+2999)
Palladium 250g 0.5 units 750-3250 P$ (1d2501+749)
Palladium 500g 1 unit 1500-6500 P$ (1d5001+1499)
Scandium 250g 0.5 units 450-1750 P$ (1d1301+449)
Scandium 500g 1 unit 900-3500 P$ (1d2601+899)
Lead 500g 1 unit 75 P$ (fixed value)
Lead 1000g 2 units 150 P$ (fixed value)
Brass 250g 0.5 units 100 P$ (fixed value)
Brass 500g 1 unit 200 P$ (fixed value)
Brass 1000g 2 units 400 P$ (fixed value)
Steel 250g 0.5 units 175 P$ (fixed value)
Steel 500g 1 unit 350 P$ (fixed value)
Steel 1000g 2 units 700 P$ (fixed value)
Tungsten carbide 250g 0.5 units 125 P$ (fixed value)
Tungsten carbide 500g 1 unit 250 P$ (fixed value)
Tungsten carbide 1000g 2 units 500 P$ (fixed value)

Specific items

All of these items weigh 0.1 units.

Name Value
Golden cuff link 125 P$
Golden lighter 300 P$
Golden pen 600 P$
Golden cigarette case 750 P$
Worthless brass 2-5 P$ (1d4+1)
Worthless iron ring 1-3 P$ (1d3)


Gems require identification. When unidentified, they are called "unidentified <color> gem", and shops will assume that an unidentified gem is worthless glass, until properly IDed.

All gems weigh 0.1 unit.

Gem color Name Value
Black Obsidian 45-200 P$ (1d156 +44)
Black Onyx 75-280 P$ (1d206 +74)
Black Black glass 1-9 P$ (1d9)
Blue Lapis-Lazuli 25-250 P$ (1d226+24)
Blue Kyanite 75-125 P$ (1d51+74)
Blue Sapphire 150-650 P$ (1d501 +149)
Blue Tanzanite 65-185 P$ (1d121 +64)
Blue Blue glass 1-9 P$ (1d9)
Brown Smoky quartz 70-150 P$ (1d81+69)
Brown Tiger's Eye 15-30 P$ (1d16+14)
Brown Brown glass 1-9 P$ (1d9)
Clear Clear quartz 10-150 P$ (1d141+9)
Clear Diamond, pure 350-2000 P$ (1d1651 +349)
Clear Diamond, impure 100-300 P$ (1d201 +99)
Clear Zircon 40-100 P$ (1d61 +39)
Clear Clear glass 1-9 P$ (1d9)
Green Emerald 250-1050 P$ (1d801 +249)
Green Jade 65-250 P$ (1d186 +64)
Green Malachite 35-105 P$ (1d71+34)
Green Moldavite 350-650 P$ (1d301+349)
Green Peridot 100-375 P$ (1d276+99)
Green Green glass 1-9 P$ (1d9)
Orange Carnelian 15-45 P$ (1d31+14)
Orange Sunstone 250-450 P$ (1d201+249)
Orange Zincite 80-170 P$ (1d81+89)
Orange Orange glass 1-9 P$ (1d9)
Pink Pink quartz 10-150 P$ (1d141+9)
Pink Tourmaline 70-150 P$ (1d81+69)
Pink Pink glass 1-9 P$ (1d9)
Purple Amethyst 25-150 P$ (1d126 +24)
Purple Sugilite 185-475 P$ (1d291+184)
Purple Purple glass 1-9 P$ (1d9)
Red Garnet 75-200 P$ (1d126 +74)
Red Ruby 200-850 P$ (1d651 +199)
Red Spinel 50-150 P$ (1d101 +49)
Red Red glass 1-9 P$ (1d9)
White Moonstone 250-450 P$ (1d201+249)
White Opal 125-450 P$ (1d326 +124)
White Pearl, small 10-100 P$ (1d91 +9)
White Pearl, big 50-300 P$ (1d251 +49)
White White glass 1-9 P$ (1d9)
Yellow Citrine 30-80 P$ (1d51 +29)
Yellow Golden topaz 160-225 P$ (1d66+159)
Yellow Heliodor 60-175 P$ (1d116 +59)
Yellow Yellow glass 1-9 P$ (1d9)

Custom valuables

More information about these here: Jewelry store


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