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A jewelry store is a business in MazeWorld specialized in buying, selling and customizing Valuables. It is notable for being the only shop in the Mazes that can identify gems (Archaeologists and scientists are also capable of identifying them, but are not bound to a shop). It is also notable for offering an unique, value-enhancing jewel customization service, and for being guaranteed to be found at the entrance of every Mine.

Rules of a jewelry store

  • Sells 12 random valuables (excluding money bags), already appraised and valued.
  • May buy back all types of valuables at cost, except custom jewels; those are bought back at half of their value.
  • May ID gems for 50 P$ per item.
  • Accepts credit.
  • Delivery service: The shop may transfer all purchases to the Contestant's bank vault instead of being given in person, for a fee (200 P$ in a town shop, 800 P$ in an UA shop)
  • Jewel customization service: Available for free (see below for details)

When threatened, a jeweler will use his/her personal weapon on the contestant and will not hesitate to use deadly force if attacked.
Threatening or attacking a jeweler can give the contestant a code orange, and killing one can increase it to a code red.

If a jeweler dies, they will drop the following:

Custom jewels

Outside of being the only shop in the Mazes which specializes in valuables, the jewelry store offers an unique service: jewel customization.

Customizing jewels is a good way to transform heavy gems and ingots into light-weight valuables, with the added benefit of guaranteed value, as no custom jewel can be made out of materials that haven't been appraised.


In order to create a custom jewel, at least one appraised or fixed-value ingot is required. It can be of any material (except lead) and of any weight, so long as it is appraised; this value is used to determine the value of the custom jewels crafted.

After picking an ingot, the customer must choose what kind of base they want to cut out of the ingot, and how many. A base is a jewel made out of metal, which can later be adorned with gems if desired. Bases can be rings, bracelets and collars.

The weight of the chosen ingot is important, as it determines the maximum amount of bases that can be cut out of the ingot.

  • 250g ingot: 2 rings, or 1 bracelet
  • 500g ingot: 4 rings, 2 bracelets, or 1 collar
  • 1000g ingot: 8 rings, 2 bracelets, or 2 collars

The resulting bases cut out of this ingot are then appraised according to the following formulae:

  • Ring value = (250g ingot value / 2) * 1.25
  • Bracelet value = 250g ingot value * 1.25
  • Collar value = (250g ingot value * 2) * 1.25

As one can clearly see, cutting bases out of ingots already increase their value. But if one desires to further increase the value of their custom valuable, it is possible to mount gems on them.

Each type of base has varying real estate to mount gems on:

  • Ring: 1 gem
  • Bracelet: 2 gems
  • Collar: 4 gems

Like with ingots, only appraised gems may be used before being mounted on a custom valuable. They will then further increase its value according to the following formulae:

  • Final value = Combined value of base and all individual gems * ( 1 + (0.1 * Amount of gems mounted on base) )

The higher the individual value of all materials used, the higher the potential value of the custom valuable.

It must be noted that no matter how many gems are mounted on a custom valuable, their weight remains constant, and is significantly lower than the original bases and gems used, combined:

  • Ring: 0.1 unit
  • Bracelet: 0.2 unit
  • Collar: 0.4 unit


  • A 500g silver bar is chosen as the base; it has a value of 400 P$ (200 P$ per 250g).
  • Out of this silver bar, let's imagine we want to make rings. Since it is a 500g ingot, this allows for cutting 4 rings.
  • According to the formula, each ring is worth (200 / 2) * 1.25. The result of this calculation is 125 P$. This means that out of a 400 P$ ingot, 4 rings worth 500 P$ combined (125 P$ per ring) can be made.
  • Let's imagine that we want to adorn each of those rings with a gem, and that the gem chosen for each ring is an amethyst.
  • Let's also pretend that, as unlikely as it may be (but for the sake of this example, is much simpler), all amethysts are each appraised at the exact same value of 64 P$.
  • According to the formula, with an amethyst worth 64 P$ mounted on each:
    • (Base value + Gem value) * 1 + (0.1 * Amount of gems mounted on base)
    • This translates to: (125 + 64) * 1 + (0.1 * 1) = 189 * 1.1 = 207.9, rounded to 208 P$.
  • The combined value of all four silver rings mounted each with amethysts is 832 P$, which is roughly 9% greater value than if the rings and amethysts had been kept separate (756 P$).

Example event lines

  • [Valuable] Custom - Silver ring - Gems mounted: None - Value XXX P$ - Weight: 0.1
  • [Valuable] Custom - Silver ring - Gems mounted: gem1 - Value XXX P$ - Weight: 0.1
  • [Valuable] Custom - Gold bracelet - Gems mounted: gem1, gem2 - Value XXX P$ - Weight: 0.2
  • [Valuable] Custom - Gold collar - Gems mounted: gem1, gem2, gem3, gem4 - Value XXX P$ - Weight: 0.3

Heshbar Treasures

Heshbar Treasures is a jewelry store located in Heshbar. It is known for being one of the oldest and longest-running jewelry businesses in the Mazes. Owned by the Schwartz family, native to Heshbar, the business is known for their so-called masterworks - unique, fine jewels that are only ever designed and created there. This jewelry store also prides itself in only ever using ores and gems mined in their hometown of Heshbar, and in only ever selling the highest quality jewels to their clients. The current owner and manager of Heshbar Treasures is Lori Schwartz.

In this specific jewelry store, all usual services are available, plus some extra service, uniquely available here:

  • Heshbar Treasures can create unique types of jewel bases:
    • Tiaras - 1 per 500g ingot, 2 per 1000g ingot. Can mount up to 5 gems. Value = ( 500g ingot value * 1.75 ). Weight: 0.8 unit.
    • Chokers - 1 per 500g ingot, 2 per 1000g ingot. Can mount up to 4 gems. Value = ( 500g ingot value * 1.45 ). Weight: 0.5 unit.

If Lori Schwartz dies, she will be replaced by a random jeweler, and the store will no longer offer the special services listed above.

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