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An ally is a creature who actively joins the Contestant on a semi-permanent or permanent basis. Allies will follow orders and fight along with the Contestant, and are generally implied to be subordinates to the Contestant. Ally inventories can be managed by the Contestant as well, and allies can be ordered to perform specific actions.

Though not technically an ability, the act of convincing another creature to join the Contestant as an ally can be considered one. Allies can be gained through roleplaying, with the aid of a Negotiation check if desired (at the GM's discretion). Certain creatures, such as mercenaries, can be temporarily acquired by hiring them, generally in exchange of a sum of money.

Peaceful creatures that are sympathetic to the Contestant due to quest-related circumstances, positive Reputation, or incidental fighting alliance, are NOT allies. Allies are different in that they are specifically filling the role of a subordinate willing to follow the Contestant's orders.

In order to be considered an ally, a creature must be formally hired as such; they will generally fill the role of a bodyguard, traveling partner, follower, or even that of a subordinate whose purpose is to answer to the Contestant only. Allies may also be dismissed if their services are no longer required by the Contestant. Most allies will return to a home town or home location after dismissal.

At the exception of mercenaries, who are disposable, randomly named and generated, and always available in some form, there is also a finite amount of potential allies with unique names and appearances. Death of an unique ally is permanent.

The Contestant may only have one ally at a time. This includes temporarily hired allies, such as mercenaries.


Allies have a hidden statistic known as morale. While unseen, this statistic is important as it reflects the overall mental health and mood of the allies. When neutral, morale is said to be stable. Positive morale levels are called good and great in order of importance, while negative ones are called poor, and terrible.

In rare, extreme cases, an ally may also become fanatical, which translates into extreme, unbreakable devotion, and is generally reserved for creatures who are so attached or so devoted to the Contestant that leaving his/her side isn't even a remote consideration. Fanatical allies may go above and beyond their duty, request less pay for a hiring contract, or otherwise beg the Contestant to keep them at their side.

On the other end of the extreme scale, an ally may fall into panic and lose control. Creatures in panic state are generally gripped by fear, terror, or hatred, and will try to flee the Contestant, turn on him/her, or will otherwise be very inconsistent and useless in combat; refusing or inability to follow orders, not moving or attacking, and so on.

Unique allies

The list below details the unique, named creatures which may, under the right circumstances, become the Contestant's ally.

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