Amphetamines (no ontology)

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Amphetamine is a psychosimulant drug and a substance part of the amphetamines group, of which Ecstasy and Methamphetamine are also part of, among others. Most well-known by its street name "Speed", it increases the user's wakefulness and focus. It is used as a recreational drug, or as a performance enhancer.

It has been historically used by students, truck drivers and in certain other fields, to stay awake and concentrated for extended periods of time.
It also was, and still is used by several armed forces in the world: the British Royal Air Force used 72 million tablets of amphetamines during the Second World War. It was so popular that sayings and rumors started appearing, claiming that "Methedrine won the Battle of Britain" ; however this is a slight inaccuracy, as Methedrine was another name for methamphetamine, not amphetamine.

Being a blue pill, it is recommended the drug is kept until the contestant finds a way to identify the pill before consumption.



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