Heroin (no ontology)

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Heroin (also known as diacetylmorphine or diamorphine), is an analgesic drug. It is an opiate, like morphine, as the two substances are coming from the same plant (opium poppy), they are closely related. In real-life, heroin is a well-known drug, and is known by many street names, such as dragon, dope, brown, H, and many more. The drug is used both medically and recreationally.
Heroin is commonly mixed or consumed alongside other drugs for more powerful recreational purposes (the H&C is a combination of cocaine and heroin, for example). Medically, heroin is used to treat severe acute pain, chronic pain and other severe trauma.

Being a syringe, it is recommended the drug is kept until the contestant finds a way to identify the pill before consumption.



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