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Food is an important kind of item in Mazeworld, and is one of the ways to avoid dying. Food items are the primary way to replenish Nutrition and Hydration, a Contestant.

Food is available in high variety and quantities, and may be classed in several types, the full list of which can be seen on the list linked below. The majority of food items have a weight of 1 unit, with some rare exceptions. Food items in MazeWorld are usually found at random in the rooms, but may also be bought in a randomly-found dedicated shop: the delicatessen. Special types of food items can also be found in certain food-serving facilities such as restaurants which may also serve meals rather than items that can be carried in the inventory.

Food items may be consumed at any time ; consuming a food item takes 1 turn, including during combat. A contestant should not indulge in a meal when they're about to be attacked or shot at!

The richer and more nutritious the food item, the more valuable it is. Contestants are advised to stock up on as much food and drink as possible so as to keep Nutrition and Hydration at optimal levels. Failing to eat or drink sufficiently may lead to starvation and/or dehydration, which in turn causes unpleasant and survival-hindering effects. However, beware of reaching the other extreme; over-eating can lead to nausea and unpleasant sessions of vomiting, and can even lead to death if one indulges too much!

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