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.408 CheyTac (also known as .408 CT or its full name, .408 Cheyenne Tactical) is a rifle cartridge designed for extreme long range shooting. Bridging the gap between cartridges such as .338 Lapua Magnum and .50 BMG, .408 CT blurs the line between sniper rifle and anti-matériel rifle. Perhaps the most famous .408 CT rifle is the Intervention M200 rifle, made popular through movies and video games.

Mazeworld overview

Type LDV C1 C2 C3 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5
Bullet +8 488% 464% 439% 391% 317% 244% 122% 37%

How to read this?

  • Available for purchase in a gun shop or a weapon shop in boxes of 10 or bulk cans of 100.
  • Available brands and projectile types:
    • Standard (Regular, SP): FMJ, Match, JHP, AP
    • Sniper Premium (Premium, SP): FMJ, Match
  • Retail value of a standard round (Reg/FMJ/SP): 20 P$ /round
  • Recoil level: 6 - Brutal

Handloading information

  • Primer type: Large rifle magnum
  • Powder type: Rifle
  • Projectile type: .408, 400 grain
  • Standard load: 1606 pwdr
    • -P load: 1445 pwdr
  • Cost of a 50 case box: 268 P$ (0.5353 P$/case)
  • Estimated cost to handload 1 standard round (Reg/FMJ/SP): 11.817 P$

Weapons compatible

Standard weapons

Total amount of standard weapons available in this caliber: 2

Class 1 weapons:

  • Cheyenne Tactical Intervention M200, precision rifle
  • Lobaev Arms DXL-4, precision rifle

Maze Customs

Barrel length groups

Depending on the barrel length of the firearm, a multiplier to Pain and Limb damage is applied. Please refer to the lists of weapons or to the event lines to know your particular weapons' barrel length.

Group name Length range Damage multiplier
Rifle 26" and beyond 1x


.408 CheyTac FMJ

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