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A water canteen is a key item in MazeWorld. Water canteens are simple, but useful items which allow the Contestant to be able to carry a large amount of water in an item that takes no inventory space.

Water canteens can only be refilled with water, as the name suggests. It can be refilled from water bottles, from valid sources of water, or from other canteens. Refilling (from a valid source) or emptying a canteen takes 1 turn each. The Contestant may also, as with other Food items, drink as many parts from the canteen as he/she wishes in a single turn. A canteen can hold up to 4 parts of water, each part restoring 0 ntri and 169 wtr, making it extremely valuable to keep Hydration as high as possible.

A water canteen may either be carried as a key item, or as a regular item. If carried as a regular item, it is considered to have a weight of 2 units, regardless of the amount of water inside.

Water canteens found at random in the Mazes can be found with a random amount of water inside. They can also be purchased (empty) in a Delicatessen for 50 P$ apiece.

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