Rubber baton (no ontology)

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A rubber baton (also called rubber slug or R-slug) is a projectile type for 12 gauge and .410 bore shotgun shells. A rubber baton shotgun shell contains a single projectile similar to a Slug, although it is made out of hard rubber rather than lead.

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Usage notes

Rubber baton is a less-lethal shell, designed to incapacitate. The projectile it fires, while still capable of causing damage, is designed to NOT penetrate the target, and should instead bounce on the body of the target, causing bruises and fractures rather than puncture wounds.

  • If a hit causes an injury, it causes a Fracture instead of a Wound.
  • If a hit deals at least 1 limb damage, the target is stunned for 1 turn. Multiple such hits may stack up the stun duration.

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