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Welcome to the Mazes!

Welcome to; the information resource base about MazeWorld, a play-by-chat roleplaying game.

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MazeWorld is the dystopian realm in which you, the Contestant, must venture into. Taken away from your original homeworld and pitted into this realm, you will have to find your way in the Mazes, from the relatively safe Towns to the much more dangerous Uncivilized Area where abandoned ruins lie, monsters lurk, and loot awaits.

In the Mazes, you will be able to find suitable weapons, appropriate clothing and armor, and useful items of many kinds, in order to fend off all of the menaces that will come in the way. You may also need to deal with the various battling Factions of the Mazes ; the human-only Maze Military fighting off against the uprising Youkai Activists, the Law Enforcement chasing the Outlaws, and the eternal bureaucratic competition between Heaven Ltd. and Hell Inc.

Your primary objective is to retrieve the four Cardinal Amulets ; legendary artifacts rumored to have been forged by the Gods themselves. Those amulets are the key to reach the end and be granted your way back home; many of which are in the hands of powerful Factions who are aware of the importance of these artifacts. Create, improve, and perfect your loadout, improve your skills and abilities, work for - or against! - any faction of your choice in order to complete your objective, and reap the rewards - or the consequences - of your actions. Go as far as you can, leave as much of a mark as you wish to leave on the Mazes; but remember the most important thing: stay safe out there!

So, Contestant, what's your next move?


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What is MazeWorld?

The realm

It must be noted that the terms 'the Mazes', 'Mazeworld' and 'MazeWorld' are all valid references ot the name of the realm.

MazeWorld (also referred to as the Mazes) itself is a strange realm, which is run by a creature who calls herself the Administrator, and where the very notions of time, space and reality are distorted and different from our world; so much that it is arguable MazeWorld may exist in its very own plane of existence rather than in the 'Universe' (or universes). The realm itself is mainly composed of a seemingly endless amount rooms and areas, connected with each other using endless doors and accessways, with seldom access to wider, more open 'outside' areas simulating daytime and nighttime. Certain of these areas are organized into Towns, forming populations and communities. The rest of the rooms form the Uncivilized Area, with no coherent layout, and which seems to be a random and constantly shifting.

According to the Administrator, Mazeworld is "the world between all worlds, located in the Interloper of the Universes, through which anything that exists in any universe can come through", which may explain the variety of creatures and items that can be encountered inside the Mazes, and how contestants may end up here after their life in their respective homeworlds.

More in-depth information about what can be found in the Mazes is detailed in the categories above.

The game's history

The game has formally existed since February 10th, 2011. Read the Timeline of Mazeworld to know more about the past of the project.

MzW sessions are currently held by the author.

The purpose of this wiki is to serve as an encyclopedia about the game, for the author's and the players' needs. We hope it will serve your interests as a player, and will pique the curiosity of those who aren't players yet.

Legal Notice

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