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.460 Rowland (also referred to as .460 Row) is a pistol cartridge designed by Johnny Ray Rowland, with assistance from Starline Brass for the case design, and Clark Custom Guns for the development of specially prepared 1911 pistols capable of withstanding the new cartridge. The first batches of ammunition and 1911 conversion kits came out in 1998. It is an elongated .45 ACP case, being a sort of ".45 ACP Magnum", in a certain way, although with the same overall length as .45 ACP, allowing it to be loaded in the same magazines and in firearms of the same size.

.460 Rowland is notably much more powerful than .45 ACP, developing energy out of a pistol that rivals in power with Magnum cartridges, with recoil to match - the use of a muzzle brake or some other method to reduce recoil may be recommended.

In the Mazes, it is one of the so-called rare calibers, ammunition for which no standard production firearms and no boxed ammunition exists, but for which certain Maze Customs services are available.

NOTE: .45 ACP may not be fired in .460 Rowland firearms in the game (with the explicit exception of revolvers).

Mazeworld overview

Type LDV C1 C2 C3 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5
Bullet +4 63% 60% 57% 50% 41% 32% 16% 5%

How to read this?

  • Cannot be purchased in a gun shop or a weapon shop; thus no retail loads exist for this caliber.
  • No retail brands available ; All ammunition found in the wild are random handloads.
  • Retail value of a standard round (Reg/FMJ/SP): 3.50 P$ /round
  • Recoil level: 4 - Heavy

Handloading information

  • Primer type: Large pistol
  • Powder type: Pistol
  • Projectile type: .452, 230 grain
  • Standard load: 140 pwdr
    • -P load: 126 pwdr
    • +P load: 154 pwdr
    • +P+ load: 168 pwdr
  • Cost of a 50 case box: 23 P$ (0.467 P$/case)
  • Estimated cost to handload 1 standard round (Reg/FMJ/SP): 1.832 P$

Weapons compatible

Standard weapons

No standard weapons are compatible with .460 Rowland ; it is a rare caliber.

Maze Customs

  • Customs weapon families: Available as a chambering for the 1911SS, 1911DS, Blackhawk, Redhawk, Glock-LF, MP5 and AR-15 families.
  • Minor services: FNP-460 (Minor rechambering for the FN Herstal FNP-45), MARK 23 SUPER (Minor rechambering for the H&K MARK 23)

Barrel length groups

Depending on the barrel length of the firearm, a multiplier to Pain and Limb damage is applied. Please refer to the lists of weapons or to the event lines to know your particular weapons' barrel length.

Group name Length range Damage multiplier
Handgun Up to 6" 1x
Long handgun 6.1" to 10.9" 1.2x
Carbine 11" and up 1.3x


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.460 Rowland JHP Case length comparison

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