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5.8x42mm (also known as 5.8mm Chinese) is a rifle caliber which was developed between 1979 and 1987, then saw first production in 1987. The cartridge was designed by engineers at China North Industries Corporation, better known as Norinco. Developed alongside a new rifle, the QBZ-95, which was adopted by the People's Liberation Army in 1997, both new rifle and cartridge were designed to replace and improve on the previous service rifle, the Type 56 (a Chinese version of the Kalashnikov AKM), chambered in 7.62x39mm.

Although the transition was only fully completed in the late 1990s, the new cartridge follows the same trend that the United States started and that which Russia followed during the Cold War ; phasing out a larger, heavier service rifle cartridge in favor of lighter, smaller cartridges, in order to allow an individual soldier to carry more ammunition for a given weight.

The new cartridge, dubbed 5.8x42mm DBP-87 (弹步枪普通,1987 ; Dàn Bùqiāng Pŭtòng,1987 - which translates to "Service Rifle Cartridge, 1987" in Chinese), featured a .236 caliber bullet weighing 64 grains, capable of reaching a muzzle velocity of 930 m/s (~3050 ft/s) out of the 18.2" barrel of a QBZ-95 rifle. The cartridge was later declined in several variants; among the most notable of which is the DBP-88 "Heavy", which was designed for sniper rifles and squad support weapons and employed a heavier 77 grain bullet. The DBP88 "Heavy" projectile is capable of reaching a velocity of roughly 835 m/s (~2740 ft/s) out of a QBZ-95 barrel.

Note: Despite virtually all 5.8x42mm ammunition in real life using steel cases and Berdan primers, all 5.8x42mm ammunition in MazeWorld is Boxer-primed and brass cased in order to facilitate handloading. The FMJ load used in the game is made to replicate as closely as possible the performance of the DBP88 "Heavy" cartridge, which uses a 77 grain bullet.

Mazeworld overview

Type LDV C1 C2 C3 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5
Bullet +3 82% 78% 74% 65% 53% 41% 21% 6%

How to read this?

  • Available for purchase in a gun shop or a weapon shop in boxes of 20 or bulk cans of 1000.
  • Available brands and projectile types:
    • Standard (Regular, SP): FMJ, JHP, AP
    • Milsurp (Surplus, SP): FMJ, AP
  • Retail value of a standard round (Reg/FMJ/SP): 3.25 P$ /round
  • Recoil level: 3 - Normal

Handloading information

  • Primer type: Large rifle
  • Powder type: Rifle
  • Projectile type: .236, 71 grain
  • Standard load: 333 pwdr
    • -P load: 300 pwdr
  • Cost of a 50 case box: 56 P$ (1.11 P$/case)
  • Estimated cost to handload 1 standard round (Reg/FMJ/SP): 2.544 P$

Weapons compatible

Standard weapons

Total amount of standard weapons available in this caliber: 7.

Class 1 weapons:

  • JianShe CS/LR3, precision rifle
  • Norinco QBB-95, machine gun
  • Norinco QBU-88, precision rifle
  • Norinco QBZ-03, combat rifle
  • Norinco QBZ-95, combat rifle
  • Norinco QJY-88, machine gun

Class 2 weapons:

  • Norinco QBZ-95B, combat rifle

Maze Customs

Barrel length groups

Depending on the barrel length of the firearm, a multiplier to Pain and Limb damage is applied. Please refer to the lists of weapons or to the event lines to know your particular weapons' barrel length.

Group name Length range Damage multiplier
Subcarbine Up to 11" 0.75x
Carbine 11.1" to 16" 0.9x
Rifle 16.1" to 20.9" 1x
Precision 21" and beyond 1.1x


5.8x42mm FMJ

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