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.44 Magnum (also referred to as .44 Reminton Magnum, .44 Mag, more rarely 10.9x33mm R) is a pistol cartridge designed in 1954 by Elmer Keith, one of the key people behind .357 Magnum as well. The first batches of ammunition were produced by Remington, and the first revolver, the now iconic S&W Model 29, was released in 1955. The logical continuation from .357 Magnum in the Magnum era of handgun cartridges, .44 Magnum, it descends from .44 Special, just like how .357 Magnum descends from .38 Special.

While .44 Magnum did not enjoy the same popularity a .357 Magnum, largely owing to the tremendous power - and subsequent recoil - making it unsuitable for efficient personal defense in all but the most skilled shooters, it did gain a cult following thanks to pop culture ; most notably the Dirty Harry movies, where the titular character carries the S&W Model 29. It also sees some practical use for hunting and personal defense against dangerous animals, such as bears.

Mazeworld overview

Type LDV C1 C2 C3 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5
Bullet +4 89% 85% 80% 71% 58% 45% 22% 7%

How to read this?

  • Available for purchase in a gun shop or a weapon shop in boxes of 50 or bulk cans of 500.
  • Available brands and projectile types:
    • Standard (Regular, SP): FMJ, Match, Lead, LSWC, JHP, LSWCHP, SEG, UHS
    • Reduced Velocity (Regular, -P): FMJ, Lead, LSWC, JHP, LSWCHP
    • Heavy Enforcer (Regular, +P): Lead, LSWC, JHP, LSWCHP
    • Force Magnum (Regular, +P+): JHP, LSWCHP
  • Retail value of a standard round (Reg/FMJ/SP): 3 P$ /round
  • Recoil level: 5 - Punishing

Handloading information

  • Primer type: Small pistol
  • Powder type: Pistol
  • Projectile type: .429, 240 grain
  • Standard load: 200 pwdr
    • -P load: 180 pwdr
    • +P load: 220 pwdr
    • +P+ load: 240 pwdr
  • Cost of a 50 case box: 33 P$ (0.667 P$/case)
  • Estimated cost to handload 1 standard round (Reg/FMJ/SP): 2.209 P$

Weapons compatible

Standard weapons

Total amount of standard weapons available in this caliber: 8

Class 1 weapons:

  • Marlin Model 1894, conventional rifle

Class 3 weapons:

  • Astra Terminator, DA/SA revolver
  • Colt Anaconda, DA/SA revolver
  • IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX 44, pistol
  • Ruger Super Blackhawk, SA revolver
  • Smith & Wesson Model 29, DA/SA revolver
  • Taurus Model 444 Ultra-Lite, DA/SA revolver
  • Taurus Raging Bull M444, DA/SA revolver

Maze Customs

  • Customs weapon families: Available as a chambering for the Blackhawk and Redhawk families.
  • Minor services: Desert Eagle 44 Long Barrel (Minor barrel configuration for the Desert Eagle .44), Desert Eagle Rifle Package 44 (Tactical covnersion for the Desert Eagle .44)
  • Crafting and specs docs: Super LeMat (caliber mode 1)

Barrel length groups

Depending on the barrel length of the firearm, a multiplier to Pain and Limb damage is applied. Please refer to the lists of weapons or to the event lines to know your particular weapons' barrel length.

Group name Length range Damage multiplier
Short handgun Up to 3.9" 0.7x
Medium handgun 4" to 8" 1x
Long handgun 8.1" to 12" 1.25x
Rifle 12.1" and beyond 1.5x


.44 Magnum JHP

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