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A meds shop is a part of a hospital, specifically the outlet that sells medical equipment and services. The contestant can purchase medical items as well as direct assistance. The meds shop is generally separated into two areas: the healing machine room, where the medic (and head of the hospital) works, and the shop room, where a nurse can be found and acts as the store manager.

There also exists extraneous meds shops, which are not part of a hospital and do not have the healing machine room.

Rules of a meds shop

  • Healing machine room (in Hospitals only): Sells medical assistance, which can cure the contestant's physical ailments as well as that of allies.
  • Shop room: Sells medical items.

Healing machine room

  • Nutrition is treated 1 P$ per 1 ntri to replenish, if current nutrition is under baseline value (2100 for humans). Satiation and oversatiation can't be treated.
  • Hydration is treated 1 P$ per 1 wtr to replenish, if current hydration is under baseline value (700 for humans).
  • Poison:
    • Venom poisoning is cured, 10 P$ per 0.1 unit.
    • Cyanide poisoning is cured for 200 P$.
  • Wounds are cured, 100 P$ per wound
  • Blood counter refilled by 20 P$ per 0.1 unit.
  • Broken limbs are repaired, 200 P$ per fracture
  • Damaged limbs are healed, 20 P$ per 1 HP per limb, unless the limbs are severed, in which case no treatment is available
  • Pain is treated 5 P$ per 1% to cure
  • Inebriation is treated, 10 P$ per 0.1 unit.
  • Secondary effects may be detected, but not treated directly - their cause must be treated instead, or the effect waited out if temporary.
  • Addictions are detected; 1000 P$ to cure the body of one addiction.
  • Fatigue and Stress cannot be directly treated ; instead the medic can offer a hospital bedroom for the Contestant to use for the purpose of resting. The fee for the use of a hospital bedroom is 400 P$, valid until the Contestant leaves.
    • Hospital bedrooms feature beds which allow Resting, as well as furniture which can help alleviate stress: a radio, a television, and bookshelves with guaranteed books (at least 3 and up to 11).
    • If the Contestant paid the fee to use a hospital bedroom, then a nurse will be assigned to that bedroom, available at all times should the Contestant require her presence. Nurses notably carry FAKs, and are Skilled (Lv3) in Healing skill.

Shop room

  • Sells 8 random types of pre-identified meds + 1 guaranteed First Aid Kit
  • Sells 1d6 copies of each medical item for sale (except the guaranteed FAK which is always quantity 1, unless more are generated by the random types)
    • Excludes LifeVests - a maximum of 1 can be found for sale, and they do not include HITB batteries.
  • Identifies unknown meds and mushrooms for 10 P$ per type
  • Buys back meds for 50% of their value (minus 10 P$ if they are unidentified)
  • Accepts credit.
  • Accepts valuables and will exchange them for money or credit.
  • Delivery service: The shop may transfer all purchases to the Contestant's bank vault instead of being given in person, for a fee (200 P$ in a town shop, 800 P$ in an UA shop)

When threatened, hospital personnel will not hesitate to defend themselves with their personal weapons, which are the same as that of a Scientist.
Threatening or attacking a medic, nurse, or both can give the contestant a code orange, and killing either can increase it to a code red.

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