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Aside from finding a variety of items, the contestant's primary source of interaction and fights comes from encounters he/she makes.

An encounter is a broad word to define anything that can be met or fought that isn't an item, a mission, or a trap. It encompasses all monsters, enemies, shops, services, and so on of the game, but missions have their own section, being part of scripted events.

Creatures may be hostile, neutral, peaceful, or afraid. A hostile creature will immediately attack the contestant, a neutral one ignores it (becoming hostile only if attacked voluntarily), a peaceful one will not attack the contestant, or sometimes, help him/her, and afraid ones will try to run away from the contestant.

Many creatures have their own sets of attacks and techniques (referred to as natural attacks), while others are capable of using items and weapons, or even to carry entire inventories just like the Contestant. Creatures using natural attacks may attempt to hit their target up to 3 times per turn. Other items and weapons are subject to the standard rules.

Lastly, humans and certain youkai may have randomly generated physical appearance through the use of Physio codes.

Please refer to the individual articles of each creature to obtain more detailed information.


Standard categories

Special categories


These creatures, while physically resembling humans, may not be considered as such by status.

Shops and services

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